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This is a multifandom blog of mine (I have a separate one I'm on often for SJ only). I am a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean, LOTR & The Hobbit. I mostly listen to kpop. Currently I'm watching Running Man, Sleepy Hollow (ichatrina shipper), Supernatural, Teen Wolf, SNK, OUAT in Wonderland and I am currently reading Bleach. (Hitsugaya & IchiRuki)<3 and Yamada and the 7 Witches.

My fav animated movies are Cinderella, The Lion King, RIO, UP & Frozen. I hate romance movies and love fantasy, action, adventure, comedy, & medieval type of movies.

↳Huge fan of Super Junior

↳Eunhyuk is my princess >.<

↳Kwangsoo & Gary are my fav RM members.

↳Dean Winchester <3

↳The Hobbit \0/ (thranduil & legolas)

↳ Miss watching Merlin & School 2013 :[

↳SRK & PC bias

↳ Use a Mac :P

↳Nice, friendly and sometimes picky :3

↳Love food!!!

Fairy Tail 5 Page 19 http://shar.es/qc9ln LMFAO THE FUNNIEST PAGE EVER!!! LMFAOOOOO DYING!! (I decided to check this manga out since it’s popular and love it! loved one piece too, the author/artist is hilarious!!)

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