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This is a multifandom blog of mine (I have a separate one I'm on often for SJ only). I am a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean, LOTR & The Hobbit. I mostly listen to kpop. Currently I'm watching Running Man, Sleepy Hollow (ichatrina shipper), Supernatural, Teen Wolf, SNK, OUAT in Wonderland and I am currently reading Bleach. (Hitsugaya & IchiRuki)<3 and Yamada and the 7 Witches.

My fav animated movies are Cinderella, The Lion King, RIO, UP & Frozen. I hate romance movies and love fantasy, action, adventure, comedy, & medieval type of movies.

↳Huge fan of Super Junior

↳Eunhyuk is my princess >.<

↳Kwangsoo & Gary are my fav RM members.

↳Dean Winchester <3

↳The Hobbit \0/ (thranduil & legolas)

↳ Miss watching Merlin & School 2013 :[

↳SRK & PC bias

↳ Use a Mac :P

↳Nice, friendly and sometimes picky :3

↳Love food!!!

a wild kyuhyun appears

the magnae’s height issues


To the ends of the earth, would you follow me?


Armin is so used to getting eaten by the titan he’s not even scared anymore


do not offer eren jaeger advice


Say it with me

You do not have to justify why you don’t like a ship. 


Studio Ghibli films throughout the years


me in math class


#snk #gif

Donghae for God of Study

Anime Food: in Hanasaku Iroha

And when you smile,the  whole world stops and stares for a while…

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